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A Selected Bibliography of Fairy Tales, Folktales, Legends & Myths
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Books for Adults

372.6 The World of Storytelling by Anne Pellowski
372.64 Handbook for Storytellers by Caroline Feller Bauer
372.64 Parent’s Guide to Storytelling by M.R. MacDonald
372.64 Storyteller’s Guide by Bill Mooney and David Holt
372.64 The Storyteller’s Start-up Book by M.R.MacDonald
372.64 Storytelling: Art and Technique by Ellin Greene
372.64 Tales as Tools: the Power of Story in the Classroom by National Storytelling Association
372.64 Telling Your Own Stories by Donald Davis
398.2 Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: the Book of Scary Urban Legends by Jan Brunvand
398.2 Best Stories from the Texas Storytelling Festival edited by Finley Stewart
398.2 From My People: 400 years of African American Folklore edited by Daryl Cumber Dance
398.2 Ghost Tales for Retelling by Idella Bodie
398.2 More Tales of the South Carolina Low Country by Nanvy Rhyne
398.2 The Oxford Book of Modern Fairy Tales edited by Alison Lurie
398.2 Princess Peacock: Tales from the Other Peoples of China retold by Haiwang Yuan
398.2 The Singing Top: Tales from Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei retold and edited by Margaret Read McDonald
398.2 Tales of the South Carolina Low Country by Nancy Rhyne
398.2 Tell Me a Fairy Tale: A Parent's Guide to Telling Magical and Mythical Stories by Bill Adler Jr.
398.2 Urban Legends: the As-complete-as-one-could be Guide to Modern Myths by Ngaire Genge
398.4 Appalachian Ghosts by Nancy Roberts
398.4 Charleston Ghosts by Margaret Rhett Martin
398.4 Civil War Ghost Stories and Legends by Nancy Roberts
398.4 Eastern Ghosts edited by Frank McSherry
398.4 Ghost Tales of the Uwharries by Fred T. Morgan
398.4 Ghosts and Haunts from the Appalachian Foothills edited by James V. Burchill
398.4 Ghosts from the Coast by Nancy Roberts
398.4 Ghosts of Georgetown by Elizabeth Huntsinger
398.4 Ghosts of the Carolinas by Nancy Roberts
398.4 Great American Ghost Stories edited by Frank McSherry
398.4 More Dixie Ghosts edited by Frank McSherry
398.4 North Carolina Ghosts and Legends by Nancy Roberts
398.4 South Carolina Ghost Tales compiled by Nell S. Graydon
398.4 South Carolina Ghosts from the Coast to the Mountains by Nancy Roberts
398.4 Tales of Beaufort by Nell S. Graydon
398.4 Tales of Edisto by Nell S. Graydon
LHR 398.4 Georgetown Ghosts by Julian S. Bolick
LHR 398.4 The Return of the Gray Man and Georgetown Ghosts by Julian S. Bolick

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