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A Selected Bibliography of Fairy Tales, Folktales, Legends & Myths
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Books for Children

JE Three Little Pigs retold and illustrated by Steven Kellogg
J398 Cinderella by Charles Perrault
J398 Diane Goode's Book of Scary Stories and Songs
J398 Elf hill: Tales from Hans Christian Andersen adapted by Naomi Lewis
J398 Gingerbread Boy by Paul Galdone
J398 Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm
J398 Lon Po Po translated and illustrated by Ed Young
J398 Once Upon a Mouse by Marcia Brown
J398 Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandburg
J398 The Talking Eggs retold by Robert D. Sans Souci
J398 Three Billy Goats Gruff by Paul Galdone
J398 Thumbelina by Amy Ehrlich
J398 Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears by Verna Aardema
J398.2 A Big Quiet House by Heather Forest
J398.2 A Pride of African Tales by Donna Washington
J398.2 Adelita: a Mexican Cinderella Story by Tomie De Paola
J398.2 African-American Folktales for Young Readers edited by Richard Alan Young
J398.2 American Folk: Classic Tales retold by Charles Sullivan
J398.2 American Tall Tales by Mary Pope Osborne
J398.2 Apples from Heaven: Multicultural Folktales about Stories and Storytellers by Naomi Baltuck
J398.2 Asian Children's Favorite Stories: A Treasury of Folktales From China, Japan, Korea, India, The Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Mayalsia / retold by David Conger
J398.2 The Beckoning Cat: Based on a Japanese Folktale by Koko Nishizuka
J398.2 Best-loved Stories Told at the National Storytelling Festival
J398.2 Diane Goode Book of American Folk Tales and Songs
J398.2 East of the Sun and West of the Moon by Mercer Mayer
J398.2 Eric Carle’s Treasury of Classic Stories for Children retold by Eric Carle
J398.2 Fables by Arnold Lobel
J398.2 Fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm retold by Neil Philip
J398.2 The Famous Adventures of Jack by Berlie Doherty
J398.2 Favorite Scary Stories of American Children edited by Richard and Judy Young
J398.2 Fireside Stories: Tales for a Winter's Eve retold by Caitlin Matthews
J398.2 The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship by Arthur Ransome
J398.2 Genies, Meanies, and Magic Rings : Three Tales from the Arabian Nights retold by Stephen Mitchell
J398.2 The Girl Who Helped Thunder and Other Native American Folktales retold by James Bruchac and Joseph Bruchac
J398.2 The Glass Mountain retold by Diane Wolkstein
J398.2 Goldilocks and the Three Bears retold by Jim Aylesworth
J398.2 Grandfather Tales by Richard Chase
J398.2 The Gunniwolf retold by Wilhelmina Harper
J398.2 How and Why Stories: World Tales Kids Can Read and Tell by Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss
J398.2 How Rabbit Tricked Otter and Other Cherokee Trickster Stories retold by Gayle Ross
J398.2 Jack and the Animals: an Appalachian folktale by Donald Davis
J398.2 The Jack Tales by Richard Chase
J398.2 Kibitzers and Fools by Simm Taback
J398.2 The King with Horse's Ears and Other Irish Folktales retold by Batt Burns
J398.2 Mightier Than the Sword: World Folktales for Boys told by Jane Yolen
J398.2 More ready-to-tell Tales from Around the World edited by David Holt and Bill Mooney
J398.2 Mountain Jack Tales retold by Gail Haley
J398.2 Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe
J398.2 Native American Animal Stories retold by Joseph Bruchac
J398.2 The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle by Margaret Read MacDonald
J398.2 The Origin of the Milky Way and Other Living Stories of the Cherokee edited by Barbara R. Duncan
J398.2 The Oxford Treasury of World Stories compiled by Michael Harrison and Christopher Stuart-Clark
J398.2 The People Could Fly: American Black Folktales by Virginia Hamilton
J398.2 The People Could Fly: the Picture Book by Virginia Hamilton
J398.2 Rapunzel retold by Paul O. Zelinsky
J398.2 Scared Witless: Thirteen Eerie Tales To Tell compiled by Martha Hamilton & Mitch Weiss
J398.2 Seven at One Blow: a Tale from the Brothers Grimm retold by Eric A. Kimmel
J398.2 Silly & Sillier: Read-aloud Tales from Around the World by Judy Sierra
J398.2 Sister Tricksters: Rollicking Tales of Clever Females retold by Robert San Souci
J398.2 Stories for Children by Oscar Wilde
J398.2 Stories from the Billabong retold by James Vance Marshall
J398.2 Sweet Land of Story: Thirty-six American Tales To Tell compiled by Pleasant DeSpain
J398.2 Tales Our Abuelitas Told: A Hispanic Folktale Collection by F. Isabel Campoy and Alma Flor Ada
J398.2 There's a Wolf at the Door by Zoe Alley
J398.2 Thirty-three Multicultural Tales to Tell by P. DeSpain
J398.2 The Three Sillies retold by Steven Kellogg
J398.2 Tomie De Paola's Front Porch Tales & North Country Whoppers by Tomie De Paola
J398.2 Trick of the Tale : A Collection of Trickster Tales by John and Caitlin Matthews
J398.2 The Twelve Dancing Princesses illustrated by Rachel Isadora
J398.2 Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens
J398.2 Tuck-me-in-tales by Margaret Read MacDonald
J398.2 The Village of Round and Square Houses by Ann Grifalconi
J398.2 Way Up and Over Everything by Alice McGill
J398.2 The Whistling Skeleton: American Tales of the Supernatural collected by George Grinnell
J398.2 Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky by Elphinstone Dayrell
J398.2 Wiley and the Hairy Man retold by Judy Sierra
J398.2 The Young Oxford Book of Folk Tales edited by Kevin Crossley-Holland
J398.21 Beauty and the Beast retold and illustrated by Jan Brett
J398.21 The Boy Who Lived with the Seals by Rafe Martin
J398.21 Fairy Tales of Eastern Europe by Neil Philip
J398.21 Favorite Fairy Tales Told Series retold by Virginia Haviland
J398.21 John Henry by Julius Lester
J398.21 Smoky Mountain Rose by Alan Schroeder
J398.25 Short and Shivery: Thirty Chilling Tales retold by Robert D. San Souci
J398.27 More Bones: Scary Stories from Around the World selected and retold by Arielle North Olson and Howard Schwartz
J398.4 South Carolina Legends by Beth Causey

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