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With storytelling as the medium, this year's festival features stories, music, puppets and more!
Featured artists include:

Dan Keding, Bobby Norfolk, Puppet People

Dan Keding
Dan Keding, storyteller of international acclaim, is well known for his telling of traditional world folktales, personal narratives of his boyhood in Chicago, ghost stories and dark tales and superbly crafted original pieces. A well-respected ballad singer, he accompanies himself on guitar, banjo, and spoons. This combination of dynamic storytelling and powerful ballad singing has made him a festival favorite throughout the US, Great Britain and Ireland, endearing him to audiences of all ages.

Keding received the National Storytelling Network's Circle of Excellence Award in 2000. He has been the featured performer at some of the most prestigious events in storytelling including the National Storytelling Festival, the Northern Appalachian Storytelling Festival, the Sidmouth International Folk Arts Festival in England, and the Texas Storytelling Festival.

His love for story goes beyond the stage. As an adjunct professor for the University of Illinois, Springfield, Dan has taught courses on the literature and art of storytelling. He currently writes a column for Sing Out!, an internationally acclaimed folk music magazine.

Keding has released over a dozen recordings during his career. His recording of original and traditional folktales and songs, Rudy and the Roller Skate, won the American Library Association (ALA) Notable Recordings for Children Award in 1998. Three of his recordings have won the Storytelling World Honor Award: Rudy and the Roller Skate, Strawberries in Winter and Once Upon a Mid-life, recorded with Janice Del Negro.

Other recordings by Keding include: Stories From the Other Side - included in ALA's Best of the Best for Children; South Side Stories - remembrances of a Chicago boyhood; Dragons, Giants and the Devil's Hide - traditional wonder tales from around the world; Promises Kept, Promises Broken - traditional and original stories and ballads--one of Keding's most requested recordings; and In A Dead Man's Company - ghost stories and tales from the dark side.

Keding has performed throughout the US, Great Britain and Ireland, appearing at festivals, schools, libraries, colleges and concert halls. He tells the old stories from times long ago, of people almost forgotten, stories of his own journey and of the people whom he will never forget.

Folktales, myths and legends, original stories and personal narratives - these are the tales of Dan Keding.

Bobby Norfolk
Bobby Norfolk, an internationally known storyteller, three-time Emmy Award winner and Parents' Choice honoree, is one of the most popular and dynamic entertainers in the country today!

This St. Louis native began his career as a standup comedian in area comedy clubs. He worked for 10 years as a National Park Service Ranger presenting historical interpretive programs for school groups and community. In the evenings, he worked as actor and director in local community theaters. With a background in comedy and theater, he naturally turned to storytelling and became a full-time teller in 1987. He is well known for his high-energy performances and lively animation. His stories promote character education, cultural diversity and self-esteem, and are geared for audiences of all ages. Bobby has also served as a board member for the following: St. Louis Storytelling Festival, Corn Island Storytelling Festival, Missouri Storytelling, and most recently was voted in to serve with the National Storytelling Network. From park ranger to TV host, recording artist to author, Bobby has traveled an interesting life path that is revealed by his creative stories and crowd-pleasing concerts, enriched with language, movement and clever sound effects. Bobby is truly a gift for the imagination.

Norfolk's book, The Moral of the Story Folktales for Character Development, taps the wisdom and drama of traditional folktales, showing how to employ the power of stories in character formation at home, in the school or other group settings.Throughout history, traditional cultures have recognized the role of storytelling in teaching values to children. Yet existing curricula indicates most educators have not fully capitalized on the connection between storytelling, folktales, and character education. The Moral of the Story provides a user-friendly, hands-on approach to using storytelling and folktales in character education. In addition to providing a rationale for this approach, the Norfolks include twelve stories that are fun, time- and audience-tested, and accessible to a wide range of listeners, from preschool to high school. Each tale is followed by suggested activities or informal lesson plans for extending and enhancing the character education experience. Extensive bibliographies lead the reader to additional sources of folktales suitable for such curricula. The Moral of the Story shows that, through the use of folktales and storytelling, character education can be fun, enjoyable, and remarkably effective.

Puppet People
This group of professional puppeteers, singers, actors and artists have took the art of puppetry far beyond the realm of children's entertainment and created an exciting style of fun for all ages.

In last year’s festival, Puppet People took the classic story of "The Three Little Pigs" to huge proportions with a giant wolf and extra large pig puppets engaging in unexpected and hilarious antics. Mr. Wolf pretended to be big n' bad, but he was more like Wile E. Coyote when he used his ACME leaf blower to try to demolish the pigs' houses. He even disguised himself as Elvis to try to get in the door!

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