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Performers: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Featured artists include:

Milbre Burch, Gladys Coggswell, David Novak, David Holt, Molasses Creek, Stageworks Theatre, Ben & Keeter's Puppets

Milbre Burch
An award-winning, internationally known performer and recording artist, a published poet and author, and a teacher of her craft, Milbre Burch is a storyteller in every sense of the word. She is one of the preeminent interpreters of the stories of Jane Yolen as well as a teller of global folktales and original material. With her eleven audio-recordings, she has garnered Parents Choice Classic, Gold and Approved Awards, a NAPPA Gold Award, and a Storytelling World Honor. Milbre is a recipient of the Storytelling Circle of Excellence Award. A veteran of storytelling, theatre and spoken word festivals in 22 states and 12 European cities, she currently resides in Columbia, MO.

Gladys Coggswell
Gladys Coggswell, M.Ed., is the founder of By Word of Mouth Storytelling Guild and an award winning full time professional storyteller. Her own story of a miraculous transition from victim to victorious has inspired thousands of all ages. As a media favorite, her dynamic performances, workshops and speeches have been written about, televised and highly recommended. Her stories have brought audiences to laughter and/or tears as well as to their feet. She is one of the nation’s leading experts in the areas of inner healing, humor, violence/substance prevention stories and story based seminars. Gladys is a resident of Frankford, MO.

David Novak
From the simple power of the spoken word, to the circus high-jinx of a veteran entertainer, David Novak offers a unique program of stories with universal themes of character, courage, caring and wonder. With a background in theatre arts including Shakespeare, clowning, creative dramatics, play-writing and directing, Novak was Master Storyteller for the Disney institute for two years. David is cofounder of the innovative National Yakkers Theatre Ensemble. He is a recipient of the Storytelling Circle of Excellence Award. David currently resides in Asheville, N.C.

David Holt
Four-time Grammy Award winner David Holt is a musician, storyteller, historian, television host and entertainer, dedicated to performing and preserving traditional American music and stories. Holt plays ten acoustic instruments and has released numerous recordings of traditional mountain music and southern folktales. He is host of public television's Folkways, a North Carolina program that takes the viewer through the Southern Mountains visiting traditional craftsmen and musicians. He served as host of The Nashville Network's Fire on the Mountain, Celebration Express and American Music Shop. He has been a frequent guest on Hee Haw, Nashville Now and The Grand Ole Opry. David can also be seen as a musician in the popular film, O Brother Where Art Thou. Today, he brings to the concert stage the fun and spirit of old-time music and storytelling. An evening with David Holt offers tales, ballads and tunes told, sung and played on the banjo, slide guitar, guitar, harmonica, bones, spoons and jaw harp. David resides in Fairview, N.C.

Molasses Creek
Molasses Creek's humble beginnings arose and flourished amidst the rich tidewater marshes of Ocracoke Island, N.C. Described as a rollicking trio that takes its audience on a whirlwind journey with every performanceĂ®, Fiddler, David Tweedle, guitarist Gary Mitchell, and bassist Kitty Mitchell make up this swinging folk and bluegrass band. The combination of harmony, humor, and love for the island they call home gives their work a distinct sound and vision. Molasses Creek has performed at festivals and concert halls across the U.S. as well as internationally.

StageWorks Theater
StageWorks Theatre is an interactive, improvisational theatre company offering educational, family oriented performances that both entertain and instruct. Located in Charlotte, N.C., StageWorks presents over 300 performances and 30 teaching residencies per year in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Ben & Keeter's Puppets
Puppetry is a powerful ancient art form, an innovative and motivating teaching tool. It unlocks the imagination and stimulates critical thinking, the building blocks of learning. Based in Augusta, Ga., Ben and Keeter's Puppets offer a unique formula of vivid blacklight, lively music, amusing scripts, and very colorful puppets that enchant all ages.

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